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Day of Coordinating

She is a fiancée, a soulmate and even a romantic. Purity and authentic love lies in her heart. She wants not only her wedding but her marriage to reflect Christ in every way. Although, She is a modest bride, society tells her to have an extravagant wedding. She wonders if it is possible to create an Instagram worthy wedding infused with holiness.

She chases after virtues and strives to show unfailing sacrificial love to her future husband. She knows despite a romantic Pinterest filled wedding her true love lies within Christ. Most of all, she knows that she is worthy, beautiful and full of dignity.

As a Wedding Coordinator and Planner, I believe in inspiring and fixing your eyes on the beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage that God has provided us with. Helping to plan, coordinate and decorate not only the biggest day of your life but a lifetime of marriage. Attesting as a witness and walking beside you as you prepare for the joyful celebration of marriage. Encouraging you and your husband to grow closer to God, deepening your selfless love for one another. A radiating unconditional love that people take notice of. A love that can only come from God.

  God wants our desires for an elegant wedding to be filled, while remembering the true meaning of Marriage and always putting Him first. After all, a marriage bond grounded in faith brings a lifetime of peace,  joy and happiness.

"Let no man separate what God has joined."



What's Included?

Wedding to do list top view. Present box

The   Start

- Initial consultation to see if I am a good fit with your style and personality

- Main consultation about 6 or so months before wedding, where ALL the details will be discussed so that I can best serve you! 

- Your personal consultant for ANY questions throughout your planning process! 

-Work with all vendors, confirming,

paying, set up

- Day of timeline, making sure all stays on track, as well as reminders throughout

- Be the point person for any "emergencies"

on Wedding Day  (l will have an emergency

kit as well)!


Payment plans available upon request


A note from me



Now is the perfect time to hire a wedding coordinator!  


You're probably thinking hiring a wedding coordinator  is a complete waste of money or it is not in the budget. Especially, since you and your mom and friend are highly capable of handling everything. Besides, how many weddings have they actually worked before and know what they are doing? Yes, you can think that, but remember a lot of things in life are a waste of money and you do them anyways! Your reception flowers go in the trash, your lavish food and desserts get eaten, you pay for a dj that half of your guests won't dance to, don't forget your dress is worn for a matter of hours! Essentially, you could argue every aspect of your wedding is a waste, and yet you still dish out thousands of dollars. Why!? You will create a lasting memory that fills your heart with joy and happiness, remembering the love that radiated and that matters most! It's the compliments you get from your guests when they arrive and see a perfectly adorned head table with cascading flowers, when they see your gorgeous A-line dress, when they eat the delicious food that everything you spent money on seemed worth while. More importantly God intended the marriage bond to happen and it did... with a celebration of course!

The irony is that I was in the EXACT same spot as you are now! I was one of those brides, the bride who thought she could do it all, who didn't need a coordinator or a planner.  And thankfully, I did...with God's grace of course! The years (12 to be exact) that went into every meticulous detail of my own wedding cultivated from a driving force at a young age for a love of planning and designing everything from family vacations, birthday parties and holiday dinner tables. Barbie dream doll weddings were my go to play time complete with pink and purple plastic flowers lining an "aisle," music from a CD player, a plastic white cake with pretend gifts, and of course all of Barbie's friends watching as she pronounced "I do" to Ken.

Fast forward to my own wedding in 2019 and looking back there was one thing I truly regretted. That was not having a Day of Coordinator!  Despite the years of planning, mishaps were inevitable. Truth is, you can plan and plan and plan, but you can not control or foresee what will happen. You can not expect your mom to handle everything either, she would much rather be crying over how beautiful you look then dealing with the messed up seating arrangement. Wishing I had hired a Day of Coordinator to handle those things, even though I knew I could, would have saved a lot of anxiety. Part of my stubbornness and perfectionist thinking got the best of me that if I didn't oversee every little detail then something wouldn't look right. Annnnddd ya know what... guests DID NOT even notice the little mistakes that I anguished over and critiqued days after the wedding! Lets be honest when you're stressed your mind is going to miss details. By not having a Day of Wedding Coordinator, sure I saved money, but I created more stress for me and it radiated to the people I loved most.


That is where I come in! Choosing the perfect Wedding Coordinator can be challenging.  Your styles and personalities must match, the budget must work, you have to have confidence in their abilities to capture your vision, don't forget being able to juggle unforeseen events, everything needs to be just right! 


What sets me apart from other Wedding Coordinators? I know my talents (overly meticulous, compassionate, altruistic, patient and of course utterly romantic...just to name a few! :) ) that God gave me and trust that He will guide me through every intricate detail from the timeline down to making sure the cake cutting knife is out. While checking in frequently to see how you're handling everything, if you may be forgetting small overlooked details! He gave me these talents for a reason, to share them with others- encouraging couples to focus and grow closer to God while coordinating their big day! God does not want us focusing on the glamour of the wedding or the budget associated with it rather that Two Are Becoming One. God also wants only the best for us while filling our hearts with happiness. And.... sometimes what makes a woman happy is a little to many wedding flowers or the prettiest of stationery or the best desserts! My heart wants to provide you with a timeless, elegant and a beautiful wedding day. I understand that majority of the time brides actually want a Day of Coordinator or even a Wedding Planner. However, that is one of the first slashes (along with stationery) they make to save money... deciding to do it themselves and power through the stress. 

It is so important that I encourage couples to deepen their relationship with God in a time where society thinks otherwise, that even though this is the biggest day of their lives, it is only a day in the step towards building a lifetime of selfless love with their spouse. 

With that said, I can't wait to work with you! 

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