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"A cord of three strands is not easily broken." Have you ever heard that verse before? We live in a time when society has rejected God in many ways. For instance, doing a "test run" or saying we don't need to get married. There are many barriers, stopping us from having that most intimate bond that God formed as husband and wife. We then wonder why so many relationships are deformed, and built on lies and anger instead of gentleness and trust. Thus, the real reason of marriage has been lost to many. We are so focused on perfecting every detail of the wedding: from that perfect flower bouquet, the fancy meals to the "must have" extravagant decor, that we create our own stress. Yet, the real reason of marriage implies that God must be at the center. It was God who taught us to love. It was God who said, "Let no man separate what God has joined." We need to relearn sacrificial love that involves giving our whole heart to our spouse. 

I worked in the Intensive Care Unit for several years, where I felt compelled to show patients compassion, empathy, and to use my critical thinking skills especially when saving their lives.  My end goal was to become an Intensive Care Unit Physician Assistant. However, I never felt at "peace," something always felt "off." Deep down, I knew it was the wrong profession for me, as my God given talents were not being used. I would always dread going into work, possessed zero passion and simply viewed it as job security to pay back my student loans. After years of prayers, letdowns and discernment, God placed on my heart: that the world needs more people to bring couples closer to God.  How could I do that? Seemed like such a monumental task! Soo...I thought...what are some of God's greatest gifts to humans? Children and Marriage!


Marriage! That was it, I finally discerned where my talents could be used!  

 My name is Emilee Hunter, the woman behind  E.H. Weddings of Pittsburgh - Specializing in 

Wedding Day of Coordinating & Full or Partial Planning!

From a young age, the intricate details of designing and planning has always piqued my interest. How so much beauty and love could radiate from something one creates. I always looked forward for the next event to plan! Whether it was planning family vacations, family birthday parties, creating picturesque holiday dinner tables, to designing fairytale weddings later in life. I loved and still love creating that Hallmark / Instagram worthy picture moment. Its the moment of sacrificial love shining forth from hard work, the moment excitement glows on peoples faces, the exact moment that memories are created.  

 However, when we include God in our lives and marriages, we are blessed with beauty and amazement - similar to the wedding day when everything comes together. It is this delicate balance that reminds us of God's presence through our talents and the gifts we are to share with others. I started this business to help my clients grow closer to God, all while providing them with Day of Coordinating services!  As God does not want us focusing on the glamour material costs of a wedding but a marriage that signifies

Two Are Becoming One.    

Much Love,


"For it is not what you do but how much love you put into doing it."- Mother Theresa


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