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Full or Partial Planning

She is a fiancée, a soulmate and even a romantic. Purity and authentic love lies in her heart. She wants not only her wedding but her marriage to reflect Christ in every way. Although, She is a modest bride, society tells her to have an extravagant wedding. She wonders if it is possible to create an Instagram worthy wedding infused with holiness.

She chases after virtues and strives to show unfailing sacrificial love to her future husband. She knows despite a romantic Pinterest filled wedding her true love lies within Christ. Most of all, she knows that she is worthy, beautiful and full of dignity.

As a Wedding Coordinator and Planner, I believe in inspiring and fixing your eyes on the beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage that God has provided us with. Helping to plan, coordinate and decorate not only the biggest day of your life but a lifetime of marriage. Attesting as a witness and walking beside you as you prepare for the joyful celebration of marriage. Encouraging you and your husband to grow closer to God, deepening your selfless love for one another. A radiating unconditional love that people take notice of. A love that can only come from God.

  God wants our desires for an elegant wedding to be filled, while remembering the true meaning of Marriage and always putting Him first. After all, a marriage bond grounded in faith brings a lifetime of peace,  joy and happiness.

"Let no man separate what God has joined."


Everything from the Day of Coordinating package is included in either Partial or Full planning, below are in addition.


Partial Planning

3-6* months prior to wedding

For the brides (or mother's of the bride tired of getting yelled at) who have all the vendors booked and main details planned.

These additional services include:

- Monthly / Bi-monthly guides to help tackle the next task

- Help with theme ideas, if needed

- Bride telling me what she would like help with (i.e. needs help with chair rentals) and executing on her behalf

- Unlimited guidance throughout and face to face meetings / calls

- Checklist of what needs brought the day

- Venue walkthrough

- Read over vendor contracts

- Recommendations as needed

- Bride bustle assistance

- If anything else is requested by the client, this will be discussed

- Use of my husband, Alex's truck (he will transport anything that can fit in truck bed)! this is huge, if you have a ceremony arch or lots of decor boxes

- Access to ceremony arches


Full Planning

shortly after engagement 

For the brides looking for everything planned, from start to finish, simply make the decisions and pay vendors, then this package is for you!

Everything from partial planning is included

These additional services include:

- Help with stationery 

- Budget breakdown & bookkeeping

- Design and execution of theme, based on      client's personality and style

-Initial contact of the best vendors for your personality and budget

- Thorough reviewing of rental contracts ensuring accuracy and accept deliveries on wedding day

- Frequent updates how your wedding is coming along and what your next steps are in the wedding planning process

- Floorplan layout

- Main contact with vendors, unless personal decisions are needed

- Bridal Shower planning*

- Attendance of certain vendor meetings, such as linen places, cake tasting, others vendor meetings (photographer will be done on zoom)

- Returning of certain rentals after wedding**

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