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Unlike anything guests have ever seen before. If you are going for the sophisticated,

wow factor with exquisite details these are definitely the invitation for you!

Envelopes are not your only delivery option! Sure, envelopes can look stunning,

especially as it is the normal go to mailing option for brides! 

Yet, boxed invitations offer something special!

Despite the additional cost of mailing them, there are a few benefits to sending out boxed invitations!

First: the design options are limitless, especially regarding sizes (smaller than 5x7? larger? Absolutely!).

Maybe you want a beach themed with shells and sand attached, or a rustic theme with wood)!

Boxed invitations actually give you more wiggle room with embellishments and fillers -

creating a whole new level of beauty and enchantment!

Second: You just spent a lot of money on custom invites,

boxed invites actually offer more protection in the mailing process!

Third: Now you and your guests have amazing keepsakes,

standing the test of time that definitely will not get thrown out!

Turn around time is between 6-10 weeks,

depending on what is requested!


boxed sample done_edited.jpg




  up to 25              $575.00

         26-50                  $800.00       

              51-75                  $1,025.00         

        76-100                 $1,250.00   

      101-?                   $1,475.00


Prices are based on a complete wedding stationery set as

describe on the previous page.

With ONLY the actual wedding invite with suite enclosed

in an exquisite Box. 

All paper (laser cut or plain) Wedding Stationery

follows above price. 

All acrylic or 15 Mil Clear Vinyl wedding stationery (except pressed flowers) is an additional cost

of $2.00 each on top of the above base price.

Additional Embellishment Costs:

- Lined Envelopes  $0.50 per envelope lined

-  Wax Seals $0.75 per wax seal

- Buckles / Gems $0.50-$1.00 per buckle / gem

- 3D Flowers $0.50 per flower

- Vellum $50.00 for entire wedding stationery

-  Ribbon $50.00 for entire wedding stationery

- Anything extra, shells, leaves, wood, etc will be

discussed in person

Calligraphy on envelopes & box: $1.00 per envelope / box

Does all of this sound to much to process?

A consultation will clarify any questions!

**Please understand that these boxed invitations  require a good

amount of postage, if you would like me to also provide stamps to

ensure accuracy in mailing,  mention stamps to me during our consultation!

If you are interested in my services but unsure regarding budget, please reach out to me directly and I will work with you!

For God said, "Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."

Hebrews 13:16

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