Each Wedding Stationery Set Includes:

 Formally Addressed Envelopes Come With:

- Save the Dates

- Rehearsal Dinner Invites

- Bridal Shower Invites & Thank You Cards

- Outer & Inner Wedding Suite & RSVP Return

- Wedding Thank You Cards

Your Choice of Color, Style & Font.

Wedding Stamps Can Be Put On For An                           Additional Cost.


Additional Embellishments Include:

- Lined Envelopes               - Wax Seals

- Buckles                             - Flowers


- Ribbon                              - Vellum

- Save the Dates & Wedding Website Cards

- Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

- Will You Be My Bridesmaid / Maid of Honor

- Bridal Shower Invitations

- Bridal Shower Thank You Cards & Favors

- Wedding Invite with Suite: RSVP, Details,      Accommodations Cards with Belly Band 

- Table Numbers

- Guest Place / Escort Cards

- Wedding Thank You Cards

- Wedding Programs

- Favor Tags

- Menu / Menu Cards

- Hand Delivered in a Beautiful Package

Feminine wedding, birthday mock-up scene


Here at E.H. Weddings, my meticulous personality and compassionate love has
combined to create one distinct  and unique Wedding Stationery Style!  




Detailed and Intricate, Elegant and Timeless. These are sure to leave your guests with a lasting memory!

Starting at:



If you are interested in my services but unsure regarding budget,

please reach out to me directland I will work with you!

For God said, " Do not forget to do good and to share with others,

for with such sacrifices God is pleased."

Hebrews 13:16




Now is the perfect time to splurge on wedding invites!  Covid - 19 has dampened  much of the wedding industry that you and your guests truly need a glimmer of hope!


You're probably thinking guests will just throw them away therefore, it is a complete waste of money. Yes, you can think that, but remember a lot of things in life are a waste of money and you do them anyways! Your reception flowers go in the trash, your lavish food and desserts get eaten, you pay for a dj that half of your guests won't dance to, don't forget your dress is worn for a matter of hours! Essentially, you could argue every aspect of your wedding is a waste, and yet you still dish out thousands of dollars! Why? You will create a lasting memory that fills your heart with joy and happiness, remembering the love that radiated and that matters most! Its the compliments you get from your guests when they open the shimmering envelopes, when they see your gorgeous A-line dress, when they eat the delicious food that everything you spent money on seemed worth while. More importantly God intended the marriage bond to happen and it did... with a celebration of course!

On a different spin, only several things  can actually be saved from your wedding...your bouquet pressed, your dress preserved, your photos  hung on the walls for all to see, and lastly your wedding invitation displayed in a shadow box. These are tangible pieces that you should invest in, keeping that memory alive for years to come! 


That is where I come in! Choosing the perfect  wedding stationery designer can be challenging. Your styles must match, the budget must work, plus everyone knows the invitation sets the tone for your wedding, so everything needs to be just right! 


What sets me apart from other Wedding Stationers? I know my talents (overly meticulous, compassionate, altruistic, patient and of course utterly romantic...just to name a few! :) ) that God gave me and trust that He will guide me through every intricate detail from the proper wording etiquette down to the choice of ribbon (Satin? Chiffon?). He gave me these talents for a reason, to share them with others! God does not want us focusing on the glamour of the wedding or the budget associated with it rather that Two Are Becoming One.  I also know that God wants only the best for us all while filling our hearts with happiness. And.... sometimes what makes a woman happy is a little to many wedding flowers or the prettiest of stationery or the best desserts! My heart wants to provide you with timeless, elegant and beautiful stationery without the cost.  I understand that almost 100% of the time brides want elegant stationery. However, that is one of the first slashes they make to save money... deciding to go with online websites for a much cheaper alternative. That is why I have the bible verse listed above "Do not forget to do good and share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."   I am not doing this business as a way to make money but as a way to share God's love with couples on their biggest day, hoping they remember the real reason they are getting married. 

With that said, I can't wait to work with you! 

A note from me