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Acrylic  w/ Pressed Flowers**

or Clear

Elegant wedding invitation

on acrylic plexiglass, with pressed flowers between**.

Clear 15 Mil Vinyl can also be used to get the same clear effect

(safer and cheaper for mailing purposes), if pressed flowers are NOT wanted.

These invitations evoke classic, unique, whimsical and modern feelings. Your guests will be in awe!

Please understand that some designs can not be done.  If you do not want pressed flowers,

lets see what we can do! A consultation will clarify any questions! 

From the wedding set ONLY Save the Dates, Guest Names / Places, Menu Card(s) and

 Actual Wedding Invite (Does Not Include Details, RSVP and Accommodations)

can be done in Acrylic plexiglass or Clear 15 Mil Vinyl.

Besides, that would get real expensive very fast for both you and me! 


Would you also like Wedding Day Signage (Welcome Sign, Cards / Gifts, anything else)? Contact me directly!

** The beauty of flowers, a true gift from God, has always appealed to me.

How so many colors, and species exist! Growing up, my dad was a horticulturist - a gardening expert!

His passion for nature, captivated my own love for flowers. Which is why the acrylic wedding

stationery are meticulously designed with custom, beautifully pressed flowers to match your wedding!

Allowing the beauty to shine forth to everyone! 

Turn around time is between 6-10 weeks,

depending on what is requested.

pressed flowers sample_edited.jpg

  up to 25              $575.00

          26-50                   $800.00       

            51-75                   $1,025.00         

         76-100                $1,250.00   

      101-?                   $1,475.00


Prices are based on a complete wedding stationery set

as describe on the previous page.

With ONLY the actual wedding invite done in Acrylic plexiglass or Clear 15 Mil Vinyl. 

Acrylic Save the Dates: additional  $2.00 each

Individual Acrylic Guest Names: $0.50 per name

Acrylic Menu Cards: $2.00 per menu card

Pressed flowers are my signature acrylic style

but are NOT included in price: additional $10.00

per individual wedding invite for pressed flowers

Additional Embellishment Costs:

- Lined Envelopes  $0.50 per envelope lined

-  Wax Seals $0.75 per wax seal

- Buckles / Gems $0.50 - $1.00 per buckle / gem

- 3D Flowers $0.50 per flower

- Vellum $50.00 for entire wedding stationery

-  Ribbon $50.00 for entire wedding stationery

Calligraphy on envelopes $1.00 per envelope

Save the Dates w / Pressed Flowers: $4.00 per save the date

Guest Place Cards w / Pressed Flowers: $2.00 per name

Menu Cards w / Pressed Flowers: $4.00 per menu card

Does all of this sound to much to process?

A consultation will clarify any questions!

**Please understand that these invitations require extra postage.

If you would like me to also provide stamps to ensure accuracy in mailing,

mention stamps to me during our consultation!**



If you are interested in my services but unsure regarding budget, please reach out to me directly and I will work with you!

For God said, "Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."

Hebrews 13:16

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